Really!? all that happens at a storytime class?

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What’s so special about pre-reading classes at the library? We have trained and enthusiastic staff to help your child get ready to read and we know your child will learn so much each week, that’s why! These fun hour long classes include reading, writing, playing, talking and singing:

Sing: We use egg shakers, bells, rhythm sticks, clapping, and just plain singing. We know songs are a natural way to learn about language. Singing slows down language so your child can hear different parts of a word and how words are alike and different.

Play: We play with things like puppets, beanbags, scarves, bells, and sand-blocks to help us tell stories and sing our songs. When we retell and act out these stories, your child practices putting their thoughts into words.

Read: Every week we read 3 or 4 fun and age appropriate books around a specific theme. We often give parent tips too, telling you why we do what we do.

Talk: Many books have rhyming words and repeat phrases that encourage talking and playing with language. We invite participation!

Write: Your child is encouraged to write their very special name on a nametag when they come to classes, even if it’s scribbling. By holding a marker or crayon, your child practices eye-hand coordination and exercises the muscles in their fingers and hands. This helps your child to develop the fine motor control needed to write letters and words.

Yes, all this and more happens at our GRPL pre-reading classes! Our knowledgeable staff help plant the seeds of reading long before your child enters school. We have pre-reading classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers including locations that have bilingual sessions and all classes are free! So come take your child on a special trip to any of our eight convenient locations.


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