R.I.P. Donna Summer

Photo courtesy of www.freep.com

The “Queen of Disco” sadly lost her battle with cancer. It was announced today that Donna Summer died. She skyrocketed to fame in the disco era with such songs as “Love to love you baby”, “Hot Stuff”, “Last Dance”, among many others. I have to admit the song I remember most is “She works hard for the money”. Although I was alive and listening to music in the 1970s, I was more aware in the 1980’s, and I am sure I loved the video.

While reading the article in cnn about her death, I came across this quote from her that I quite enjoyed: “I don’t like to be categorized because I think that I am an instrument, and if you play me, I’ll make whatever particular sound is supposed to come out for that color,” Summer told CNN in a 2008 interview. “And so, in the overall spectrum of things, I’m just trying to be true to my — what I feel my mission is.”


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