Quick, Easy, Affordable Costumes: Part 2

Last week we showed you an easy masquerade mask craft for those with a small budget for Halloween costumes. While before we went for a subtle touch of elegance this week we’re here for the Gamers.  Video games have become a big part of our culture in the last few decades and characters like Mario and Zelda  have become quite iconic and lets not forget how half the world became addicted to WoW at one point (some still are).  Well, for those who love their video games we’re here for you. For more costume ideas check out the library collection!
Below are links to some easy gaming related costume tutorials!

Minecraft Costume

Mario Mystery Box-

Also the Mario Mystery box can easily be modified into a Companion Cube!

Or if you want to make a quick trip to a goodwill store you can go as this iconic video game character.

Image from Polyvore





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