Preloaded eReaders Available July 8 for Checkout

Thanks to funding by the Grand Rapids Public Library Foundation we are experimenting by circulating preloaded eReaders to you! We don’t know if this is a collection that we will continue to offer but we believe that this is a good way to introduce patrons to another easy way to get the books bn_simplethey want.

What is an eReader?

An eReader is an electronic device designed for reading digital books. Each one can hold numerous electronic books. Each of our circulating devices will have 10-15 preloaded books.

What does “preloaded” mean?

Preloaded means that the books have already been placed onto the eReader. You don’t have to download anything to the eReader.

Why is the Grand Rapids Public Library circulating eReaders?

eBooks are fast becoming a crucial component of library collections. The goal of this project is to create a new and exciting way for patrons to be exposed to this format and to remove the technological hurdles that occur with downloading eBooks through current library eBook services. While eBooks are certainly here to stay, it is not determined how we will be delivering this content to patrons in the future. The more we experiment with delivery models, the better we will understand community needs and prepare ourselves for future trends.

Who can borrow an eReader?

Anyone with a valid Grand Rapids Public Library Card can borrow an eReader. Kent District Library and other Lakeland Library Cooperative cardholders are also able to checkout the devices with a valid library card.

Where do I go to borrow an eReader?

Currently, you can only checkout *eReaders from the Main Library at the Reference Desk. If this program is a raging success we may expand it.

Will I be charged to borrow an eReader, or if I return it late or damaged?

As with other library items, there is no charge to borrow but we charge fees for late, damaged, or lost eReaders. You’ll have to sign an “eReader-Agreement” which gives all the details of your responsibility when you check the devices out.

How long can I keep the eReader?

Circulation is 3 weeks with no renewal.

Can I reserve an eReader?

At this time you cannot place holds on the devices.

Where can I get help using eReaders?

Our smart staff have been diligently training in the use of eReaders for over a year now. We can give you an  overview at the Reference Desk at the Main Library when you checkout the device. You will also receive a brief set of instructions when you check out the eReader.

Other helpful resources

*Accessible devices are available upon request

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  1. July 8, 2013 at 10:10 am #

    This is so very cool. I hope that all appreciate this wonderful opportunity to enjoy technology.