Poetry and Revolution

Ernesto Cardenal viene a Grand Rapids! Ernesto Cardenal is coming to Grand Rapids!  And who is Ernesto Cardenal?  Well, the better question may actually be, who isn’t Ernesto Cardenal?  He is a priest, activist, poet, Nobel Prize nominee, revolutionary, and Nicaraguan citizen!  He became involved with the Nicaraguan Revolution against the dictatorships of various members of the Somoza family.  Cardenal continued the revolutionary struggle until the Somoza dynasty was overthrown in 1979.  Throughout this time, Cardenal continued to write poetry about both love and political protest.  Since then, he has served as the Minister of Culture of Nicaragua, has won numerous awards and continues to write poetry.  But don’t let me tell you his story, come here it yourself at his poetry reading at Fountain Street Church on Wednesday, April 8 from 6:30 to 8:30.  You will get the chance to hear about his amazing life and hear a bilingual poetry reading!  And if you want to read some of his poetry before hearing it, come check out some of his poetry books in English or in Spanish!  We also have books on the Nicaraguan Revolution!  Espero verte allí!  Hope to see you there!

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