Pizza and Adventure


Do you like pizza? Do you like adventure? Do you like both at the same time? Then join the discussion on Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 4pm of Caroline Cooney’s book Code Orange. Pick up a copy at the Main Library or check one out from any of our branch libraries.

Book Description: “In top, utterly terrifying form, Cooney leads a gregarious New York City teenager to a century-old sample of smallpox scabs. As dedicated to avoiding study as he is to getting closer to classmate Olivia, Mitty is oblivious to the danger he, she, and everyone else in the crowded city is in from his possible exposure to this hyper-contagious, utterly devastating disease–until he starts looking into smallpox for a school project. Drawing from several medical resources, which she lists at the end, Cooney lays out the illness’s history and symptoms in precise, gruesome detail as a horrified Mitty writhes on the horns of a dilemma: Is the virus still active? Can he find a way to prevent an epidemic if it is? Should he tell the authorities, and look like a total dork if it isn’t? Then, in a heartstopping twist, Mitty is kidnapped by terrorists intent on using him as a biological weapon. Readers won’t soon forget either the profoundly disturbing premise of this page-turner or its likable, ultimately heroic slacker protagonist.” (description from

Where does the pizza come in? It will be available for consumption by program attendees.

Think the book sounds boring? Come anyway so you can give input on what you think should be read next.

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