Philanderers in Office

Seriously, doesn’t it seem just a bit too often that we’re chatting with friends or co-workers and asking the same questions,  “How could he do that? How could he think he wouldn’t get caught?” We’ll probably remember the most recent addition to the “cheating/sexting/paternity scandal” list  a tad longer than the others because of its unfortunate mispronunciation (e before i sounds like “eye,” actually). Unfortunately, though, he’ll probably be replaced in our minds soon enough, when some other political success story turns into tabloid news for activities unbecoming to a congressman/governor/presidential hopeful.

There are different ways we can approach the topic. We can explore the literature and try to understand the motives behind the behavior. We can adopt a more realistic attitude and admit that this is nothing new. We can try humor. We can look at it from the viewpoint of one who’s lived it. Or, we can leave real life and get lost in a good story.


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