Pennies are for pockets! or mechanical horses…

Recently my brother and I were walking around the downtown region looking for good cityscapes to photograph.  The weather was pretty nice, so we were just hanging out on the street a lot of the time, thinking about possible compositions for a painting.   As were were just about ready to call it good and head home a couple got out of their car.  The man started putting change into the meter, but then suddenly threw the rest of his change onto the curb.  Amazed at what we had just seen, we walked over to the car once they were out of sight.  Pennies were scattered everywhere.  Apparently the idea that the meter isn’t going to accept pennies was a new discovery.  One so jarring that he was too disgusted to even hold pennies in his hand.  I can’t imagine how much time he thought he was going to get out of them.  Thirty seconds?

Feeling like the situation should not go unnoticed, we collected the change and left a message that conveyed how we felt:

pennies don't like being thrown on the street!

Of course, the value of pennies is enormous.  I myself save them for the gravity well at GVSU.  A quick google search found the debate heated.
Hopefully, wherever pennies belong, we can all agree that it’s not on the street.

2 Responses to “Pennies are for pockets! or mechanical horses…”

  1. May 15, 2009 at 11:42 am #

    LOL! That's so funny! I have to wonder what that guy thought when he got back.

  2. May 18, 2009 at 10:23 am #

    When I cleaned out my grandmother's apartment after she passed away I found a big old tin can full of pennies! Wow I thought I was rich. I took my 500 lb tin to Meijer and dumped it into the CoinStar machine. I think I got about $7.00 back.