Parenting is hard

Even I know that and I’m not a parent!  There is no one manual given to you when you become a parent that tells you exactly what to do and when to do it.  But there is one place where you can gets lots of great information to help you on your parenting journey: the public library!  Not only are we free but we also provide:

Family Place Libraries: These are safe, fun places where you and your young child can read, play and learn.

Let’s Play workshops:  Let’s Play! is a five-week workshop for children 0-5 and their parents or caregivers.  These are taking place at the Ottawa Hills, Main and Madison Square libraries.

Early Childhood Essentials classes: These classes focus on topics of interest to those who have young children or if you work in child care and need professional development hours.  Topics have included bullying, pets and kids, no fuss feeding and learning disabilities.  For upcoming classes you can check the library’s online calendar of events.  All classes are free and open to the public.

Pre-reading classes: We have pre-reading classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers including locations that have bilingual sessions.  Trained youth staff help your child learn early literacy skills by including reading, writing, playing, talking and singing at all classes!

We have a parent resource page online that lists books and organizations useful for parents.

Our kids website has great information on activities for you to do with your kids.

And we have a friendly, knowledgeable staff and eight convenient locations that are here to help you be the best parent that you can be!

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