Of Ad Execs, Time Travel, and Dragons

At last the wait is almost over and some of TVs greatest shows are returning with new episodes.

Image from screenrant.com

On Saturday, March 30th the TARDIS will be reappearing on our screens with the Doctor and his newest companion in Doctor Who.  The Doctor will be discovering the secrets of his newest companion Clara Oswin Oswald while traversing time and space.  Let’s not forget this is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, so some old friends and faces might be popping up in the coming episodes.

image from screenrant.com

On Sunday, March 31st winter is coming once more.  Game of Thrones returns for an epic third season featuring wights, wildlings, and wars.  A huge lover of the book series I know what’s going to happen, but my lips are sealed. Just brace yourselves.

The ad men of Madison Ave return to AMC on Sunday, April 7th with scotch in hand. According to reports the sixth season of Mad Men is going to have a wedding, two deaths, and Hawaii. Things should get interesting between pitches as the characters traverse the latter half of the sixties.


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