Nutrition and Children

childrens-nutritionEvery year many adults resolve to eat better and exercise. Did you ever think about resolving to improve your children’s nutrition? My guess is most parents do their best in providing nutritious food options already.

But what about those picky eaters?

Or sometimes we all just want a snack that is relatively healthy as opposed to just salty, sugary, sweet.

When I’ve posted concerns about what or how little my daughter is eating, others have responded that their kids ate better when they were a part of the meal making process. The library has some great cookbooks for kids!

For many, a family garden is a great way to learn about food and maintain healthy eating habits.

Aside from all the great materials the library has to offer, there are some wonderful websites and local resources available to help your child become better eaters. One can learn ways in which to introduce new foods to those kids who have a problem with texture or reflux or have a swallowing disorder.

For more resources, check these out:

Mary Free Bed Pediatric Feeding Program

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

MSU Extension: Show Me Nutrition

American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Nutrition

Healthy Children

Making Food Fun!


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