New Year, New Reads

It’s the start of a new year.  That signifies fresh beginnings, new resolutions, and 2014 new and future books to read!  I have several books that I am excited to know are coming out in 2014 but three titles are the sort of books where dinner doesn’t get cooked, because “shh! I’m reading.”.

Product DetailsFirst up is Night Broken by Patricia Briggs (March 2014), #8 in the Mercy Thompson series.  Mercy is a shape shifter who can transform in a coyote and communicate with ghosts.  Raised by a werewolf clan, Mercy struggles to belong in a world where she is unique.  She leaves the pack to make her own way in the world but finds herself caught up in the affairs of both her new city’s werewolf clan and the vampire seethe.  In Night Broken, the reader finally gets to meet the mysterious ex-wife of Mercy’s husband, who is the Alpha werewolf of the Tri-Cities clan.  There’s sure to be tons of paranormal action and excitement mixed in with the personal troubles plaguing Mercy.

Product DetailsNext is A Shiver of Light by Laurell K. Hamilton (June 2014), #9 in the Meredith Gentry series.  After waiting for four years, I’ll admit I gasped out loud because I was sure there weren’t going to be any more new books in the series. I’m super excited to be wrong!  Meredith  Gentry tried to hide from her Fae relatives by pretending to be human but her only hope after she is discovered is to claim the throne of the Unseelie court.  When the series left off in 2009, Meredith is pregnant with the children that won her the throne of the Unseelie court but she declines the throne to continue to lead her own personal court in California.  There isn’t much information yet on the plot of A Shiver of Light but I know I’ll be entertained.

Product DetailsLast is Magician’s Land by Lev Grossman (August 2014), the final book in the Magician trilogy.  I can’t help but be both excited and sad for the conclusion of this trilogy.  The books are so good I don’t want them to end but I also need to know what happens next!  I don’t feel qualified to describe these books.  They are Harry Potter for adults, with a some Narnia mixed in, peopled by rather unlikable, seriously complex, and amazingly real characters.  Even though I don’t like Quentin, who is the central character of the trilogy, I still really care about what happens to him.  That’s some profoundly good writing.

So, there are my big three books for 2014 (so far!).  Do you have any books you are looking forward to this year?

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