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Inspired by Nick Horby’s top 5 lists in “High Fidelity” (one of our awesome GR Reads picks for this summer), I’ve decided to make a couple top 5 lists myself.

My Top 5 songs my family is sick of me playing over and over whenever I’m with them:

1. “Lola” by The Kinks

I know this song is old and gets played on the radio all the time, but I can’t help myself! I was driving around in my mom’s car a couple of years ago and this song came on, and although I had heard it before, somehow, I listened to it with new ears and haven’t gone back since. Now I find myself at night in my bed, searching for alternate versions (them singing on Top of the Pop’s is hilarious because they’re only pretending to play their instruments!) with blood shot eyes as the sun slowly rises in the east. Yes, I love it.

2. “No Aloha” by The Breeders

Ask any old boyfriend of mine about this song, and they will shudder at the memories. When a friend of mine first placed this album in my hand, I listened to “No Aloha” on repeat for roughly a month. On any given day, I would sit next to the stereo, sometimes working on a project or simply eating dinner and play it over and over. My stereo didn’t have a “repeat” button, so when the fade at the end came to a close, i’d reach over and play it again. I started listening to it on my headphones because everyone started complaining to me. It’s THAT good!

3. “Shirt” by Jawbreaker

To be fair, every song by Jawbreaker is such a hit in my mind. When this band is the topic of discussion at parties, the thing most brought up is “Oh, yeah, they opened up for Nirvana.” In fact, you can see Kurt Cobain wearing a Jawbreaker shirt here:

I had a friend who loved Jawbreaker, and I wasn’t quite sold on them yet. This friend made me a mix entitled “I love Jawbreaker so much it’s killing us both,” and although it was only one sided (yes, it was an actual cassette tape), I fell in love with the band, but most importantly, the song “shirt.”

4. “The Saturday Boy” by Billy Bragg

There’s something about Mr. Bragg that I just can’t get enough of. All of his songs are so truthful, it’s almost embarrassing how much he reveals in his music. Luckily, these are usually things that everyone goes through, but never thought others experienced the same. I love with that happens! He mostly writes love songs, with “The Saturday Boy” being one of his best. He essentially sings about the day he met someone he ended up loving dearly. I can’t help but sing this song loudly in the shower any time i’m alone in the house.

5. “So long, Marianne” by Leonard Cohen

I first heard this song in the movie “Pirate Radio” when a guy get sad over a girl. I asked my roommate who sang this song (he could’ve studied the history of music in college if he wanted to), and without batting an eye, he said “Leonard Cohen, of course!” I had only heard the deep voice creepy Cohen up to that point in my life, so it a breath of fresh air to hear him sing before his musical dark demise.

The song just screams sadness, which sounds like something you wouldn’t want to listen to, but it’s one of those therapeutic songs that you listen to when you’re really happy, too. It’s funny how some songs can do that.

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