More than a taste please!

Were you among the 1,500 happy people who filled up the Main Library during Taste of Soul Sunday? I was and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Here are three things that I am left wanting more than a “taste” of after Sunday’s event:

1. Chez Olga’s food
Olga herself was on hand to dish up her fine Caribbean cuisine. She was pained to do sample sizes. This lady really wants to feed you! Head to her restaurant soon. You will not be disappointed!

2. Jazz music
I sat in on a portion of the presentation “A Great Day in Harlem.” Stuart Johnson used the now famous photograph of jazz greats taken for Esquire Magazine in 1958 as the basis for this presentation. He pulled out individual musicians, showcased images of them, played a sample of their music and filled us in on facts about their lives and their style. I remembered how much I really enjoy jazz music and took studious notes on different musicians I want to look up: Roy Eldridge, Thelonious Monk, Coleman Hawkins, Hank Jones, Dizzy Gillespie… I am sure the Library’s collection will be a good starting point for my personal musical exploration.

3. Ralph Richard Banks
This author joined us via Skype to discuss his book Is Marriage for White People? Again, I was only able to sit in for a portion of the presentation but I was intrigued and entertained by what I heard as was the audience around me. If Banks’ writing is anything like his presentation style, and I am under the impression it will be, this book is bound to be fascinating. Who gets married (and who doesn’t) and when and why is changing in our country, and the most dramatic changes are happening in the black community. This is definitely going on my to-read list!

And I didn’t even touch on the amazing music performed in the Auditorium. How about you? Anything you’re going to need more than a sample of?

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