More reasons to celebrate February

Of all the months, it’s February I like the least. Yes, it has Valentine’s Day, a great day for card and flower shops and, of course, jewelry stores. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for all the magazines strutting out their best heart-shaped cakes and decadent chocolate desserts. But call it the winter blahs or seasonal affective disorder, even with all the great programming lined up for Black History Month, I can still use a little help staying cheerful till spring.

According to the list of “national days” of the year’s shortest month, there are lots to things to celebrate. Our hearts, for one. Appropriate, huh? Eating right, brisk walks (bundled up of course), red wine, staying informed. Ok. I can do that. How about cherries? I’m not a huge fan, but perhaps a few new recipes could inspire me to take advantage of those great antioxidants. See? I’m already thinking healthier. And while I’m talking food, I’ll toss one in for the birds. February is national bird feeding month. Put out an extra suet cake or seed feeder. The chickadees will thank you.

And if, during this cold, dark month of winter, I fail to bake a cherry pie, build a bird feeder or even take a walk, I can take comfort in the knowledge that February is also national snack food month. What am I doing snuggled up on the couch with a book and a bowl of popcorn? Celebrating February, naturally!

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