Meet Aditi

Aditi has been a frequent contributor to our Teen Poetry page since 2006!  She says “Smile and win hearts.”

Aditi lives in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh (India). Here is a view from her home.

We asked Aditi to tell us more about herself and her life in India.  She shared these images with us, as well as a little bit about herself.

“I am 16 years old and go to school at Aadhunik Public Senior Secondary School. ”

Here is Aditi’s school:

Her experience of taking boards (type of tests) is described in Story of a Boardian.

She says, “I can’t be described in words. I have so much more to tell that you can never imagine. So keeping it BRIEF:


very easily hurt, don’t care what others think, decisive, daydreamer, emotional, soft spoken, very romantic (lol), touchy, concerned, just and fair, spendthrift and easily influenced, dynamic personality, motivating, hates restrictions, sense of humour, love attention, very patient, secretive and reserved. I think that’s more than enough.”

Here is the Hanuman Temple, an important part of the Hindu religion.

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