Mayor’s Book Club for May

Coins… Stamps… Dolls… Rocks…. There is no end to the variety of things kids will collect, and for most of them, having a collection is just harmless fun (and did you know you could display your collection in the Youth Services Department at the Main Library?).  For Alfred Zector though, collecting books becomes hazardous; and not just for him, but for the rest of the town!

To learn more, join the mayor in reading Alfred Zector, Book Collector, by Kelly DiPucchio, a story that manages to both promote the benefits of reading and warn about the dangers of keeping things all to yourself.  The mayor will be visiting Campus Elementary School to share the story with some very lucky students!

Visit the Mayor’s Book Club webpage for more information about the club, to print out your own booklet, and to find out how to have the mayor come read at your school!

Want to read more?  Check out our Read-Alikes page for some fun suggestions!

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