March Madness TVland: Glee vs. Smash

Glee versus Smash


Glee Pros:

  •             Who wouldn’t want a musical of their high school experience?
  •             They sing or take old pop hits and make them into new sensations!
  •             Cast Diversity
  •             Jane. Lynch. is. comic. genius.

Glee Cons:

  •             Some of the choreography can be ridiculous
  •             The music doesn’t always “naturally” fit in the show
  •             People who might not like musicals will probably not watch it…
  •             A lot of characters/story lines get lost within the Glee community

Smash Pros:

  •         It’s more dramatic in plot of trying to achieve Broadway dreams
  •         Original Songs
  •         Clever Storytelling & Characterization
  •         People might watch even if they are not “into musicals”

Smash Cons:

  •         Again a LOT of characters
  •         Songs are sometimes thrown in with for no reason

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