Life is a highway

Courtesy of Wikicommons

My morning commute took 60 minutes today.  It normally takes 11…if I lollygag.

Even when the salt trucks are out and there’s slush on the roads, I still manage to make it to work in 30 minutes.  I had assumed, mistakenly it seems, that with Winter safely behind us I’d have easy, zippy sunshine-filled commutes for the next few months or so.

I know, I know.  There’s two seasons in Michigan, Winter and Construction.  I’ve heard that my whole life, but it didn’t help alleviate my frustration this morning.  Take it from me, sitting on US 131 for an hour is no way to start a Monday.

The fact that I didn’t know that traffic would be down at least a lane and narrowed drastically is of little importance here.  First of all, I’m a Librarian, so I always feel that I should know!  Secondly, there are far too many resources available for me to be in the dark.

1.) There’s the news.

2.) There’s the MDOT website

3.) There’s an app for that.

I promise, I’ll be better prepared next Monday.

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