Let’s Write!

We all know how important it is to encourage our developing little ones to read, but remember that getting ready to write is equally important and will improve a child’s overall literacy.

Any time a little one is grasping a writing utensil, they are getting ready to become a writer. Today’s scribbles are tomorrow’s epic poems! Encourage young ones to draw074 liberally.

An excellent way to help young Shakespeares better recognize letters and learn how to recreate them is by tracing. There are plenty of website where you can download and print worksheets with traceable letters and numbers. Be amazed at the hours of entertainment provided by the wonderful world of tracing!

But writing is not limited to using a crayon or a pencil. Try allowing little fingers to get messy with their writing development. Make shapes and letters using finger paint or tomato sauce!

Remember to come by the library and make use of some of our early literacy resources:

Books That Teach Kids to Write by Marianne Sacardi

Early Literacy Programming en EspaƱol: Mother Goose on the Loose Programs for Bilingual Learners by Betsy Diamant-Cohen

Learn more about the five early literacy practices: reading, writing, talking, singing, playing.

Keep an eye out for a writing center for small writers with paper, pencils, crayons and more, coming soon to the Children’s library at the Main branch!

Happy writing!

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