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For Taste of Soul Sunday we are presenting a program appraising African American art, artifacts, and antiques. George Bayard III of Bayard Art Consulting and Frameshop, an expert in 20th century African and African American art, will present his personal account of Black history and why these items need to be collected and preserved. To promote the program we will be placing a prominent display of these items in the bow of the main floor. Some of the items include:

Angela Davis Wanted Poster
Black Star Line Stock
Camptown Races Songbook
Cotton Club Menu/Matches
Gold Dust Twins Washing Powder
Golliwog Pin
Grand Rapids Black Sox Photo
James Meredith Shooting Photo
Joe Louis Hair Pomade
Joe Louis Poster
Madame C.J. Walker Powder
Negro Travel Guide
Raw Cotton
Southern Money
Tommy Smith Signature 68 Olympic Patch

Our committee was conscious of the potentially damaging effect of presenting stereotypical objects and materials without providing the proper historical context. We gave some feedback to Mr. Bayard to hold some of those potentially offensive items for his actual program where they can be discussed in context. We think it’s important to discuss all types of issues, and we won’t shy away from controversial ideas as topics. We will make sure that we create an environment where anything can be discussed fully and respectfully.

Taste of Soul Sunday is made possible by a grant from the Grand Rapids Library Foundation. Join us on February 16 at 1 pm for Taste of Soul Sunday. We hope to continue this conversation and start others.

Make it an outstanding day! Asante.

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