Kids 6 to 8 years: Talking

Children continue to learn about language by listening to parents talk and joining in the conversation. Talking, telling stories, and stretching conversations are ways children learn new information, new vocabulary, and other literacy skills.


  • Talk to your child about school.
    • “Why did you enjoy your favorite activity at school today?”
    • “Did you learn a new word today?”
    • “How should we make your snack?”
  • Tell riddles, jokes and use secret codes.
    • “What do you do if a dragon bites your library book?” Answer: “Take the words right out of his mouth!”
    • “What do you call a campground for spiders?” Answer: “A Web site.”
    • Talk to your child usingĀ pig latin.
  • Kids this age generally enjoy caring for and playing with younger children. Have them talk with younger children using story starters.
    • Use simple props such as a puppet or a stuffed animal to tell a story. Use silly voices for different characters and ask your child to join in.
    • Make a book by clipping photos from magazines. Use them to tell an imaginary tale.
    • Tell a story about a favorite event or act it out.