Kids 3 to 5 years: Talking

Talking with important people in their lives is one of the best ways for children to learn new words. As they hear spoken words, children learn what words mean, which increases their vocabulary.


  • Talk all day.
    • Talk about what you’re doing as you go through your day. Ask your child questions, listen to the answers, and then ask another question based on what your child said.
    • Think of “10 chances to chat” during the day: while they’re getting dressed, eating breakfast, riding in the car, doing chores, taking a bath, going to bed, etc. Use every opportunity you can to converse with your child.
    • Use wordless picture books and make up a story together with your child. Wordless books develop imagination along with language and vocabulary skills.
  • Use objects.
    • Look for print on objects and signs. Point out letters as you go through daily routines: “Can you find an M on the milk?” or “Can you find the letter at the beginning of your name?”
  • Use books.
    • Books are a wonderful way to spend time talking and learning new words. Your child learns many more new words from books that they do from everyday conversation.