Kids 3 to 5 years: Reading

Whether your child is four days old or four years old, it is not too early or too late to help him or her develop important literacy and pre-reading skills. Developing early literacy skills in your 3-5 year old child will make it easier to learn to read when he or she starts school. Children who start kindergarten with good pre-reading skills have an advantage.


  • Do it together.
    • Let your child see you enjoying reading. They see that you think reading is important and that you enjoy it, and they will follow your lead.
    • Children learn best by doing – and they love doing things with YOU. Shared reading is the best way to help your child get ready to read and also learn new vocabulary.
    • When you read together, ask open-ended questions: “What do you think is going to happen next?,” “What would you do if that happened to you?” or “How would you feel?”
  • Be repetitive.
    • Reading predictable books with your child increases your child’s vocabulary by using repetitive language patterns and phrases which engage children in reading before they actually learn to read.
  • Use an alphabet book.
    • Come to the library to find an alphabet book! Alphabet books offer many wonderful opportunities to learn letter names and sounds.

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