Stop Summer Learning Loss

Did you know that only about 7 to 8% of kids living in Grand Rapids participated in the Summer Reading Program (SRP)  last year and only 40 to 50% of these kids actually finished the Summer program?

Research from Iowa to New York to Wisconsin tells us that summer learning and reading is important.  Organizations are working to deliver quality summer learning programs to our nation’s youth.  How do we stop summer learning  loss?  There are all sorts of opinions of what can be done.  Maybe the schools need to be year round because it’s based on an old model where kids helped on the farm.   Research shows that “children who continue to read during the summer vacation perform better in the fall when school resumes” and “that all students maintain their reading ability across the summer by participation in a summer library reading program.”  The Grand Rapids Public Schools emphasize reading skills as a primary goal and the library is trying to do our part in helping that goal become a reality.

If given a choice, at least in my family, reading is a hard sell.   My boys are not always choosing to do it.  I entice them with books and magazines that talk about their interests.  I read aloud.    Perhaps this summer we will take out books on the environment and explore animals and science experiments on our own without doing it as a school assignment.

This isn’t a tutoring program.   Starting Monday, June 14 , sign up at your favorite GRPL location for your starter kit and reading record.   We also have fun programs for kids, en Español and a variety of programs for teens ,  en Español.

Summer can give you the time to actually pursue projects and dreams.  Design that dress.    Cook dinner. Build something cool with tinkertoys. Read about astronauts.

There’s no money, you have no transportation, you can’t  get to a library – check out our locations and we have free bus passes in our Ride to Read program.

If your kids do read in the summer – you take them to the bookstore.  Why don’t you check out the library and see what we have to offer?

Keep reading the blog this summer for more information.

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