It’s getting hot out there!

I often feel like I am one of the rare people who LOVES the heat. I really do. I would much rather be warm than cold. When I’m cold, shaking that chill is next to impossible. If I’m too hot, I can remove clothes, visit an air conditioned establishment, hang out in my daughter’s room (it’s the only one with air conditioning), or relax in a pool. Thankfully the Grand Rapids park near my house has a pool that will be opening on July 2. I just feel like when it is summer, I want it to feel like summer!

I have to admit, though, that even Thursday was a little too hot for me. Heatwaves are defined by the CDC as “characterized by several days of temperatures greater than 90° F; warm, stagnant air masses; and consecutive nights with higher–than-usual minimum temperatures.” As is often heard in Michigan, it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity; we lose the effectiveness of sweat so we feel much warmer.

We often hear people sigh when they enter the library, glad to be out of the heat and into our cool buildings. Here are some tips from the American Red Cross on how to stay safe in the heat. For some fun historical weather facts, check out the NOAA site.

For Michigan weather reading, check out some of these titles:

So cold a sky : upper Michigan weather stories by Karl Bohnak

Extreme Michigan weather : the wild world of the Great Lakes state by Paul Gross

Paths of destruction : the story of West Michigan’s worst natural disaster by by Ernest J. Ostuno

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