Introducing: Digital Collections

Did you know that our archives contain over a million historic photographs? In an effort to make these more accessible and user-friendly we are introducing a new feature of our website: Digital Collections. You may have been familiar with our old online photo collection, but the new digital collections offer a bit more versatility including advanced search features and the ability to zoom in on the photos. You can even add the photos to “your favorites” and view them as a slide show.

The digital collections are organized by their respective archival collection, so photographs from the Robinson Studio are a separate collection, as are those from the Morris Photo Collection. But if you want to see historic photos of buildings from all of the collections all you need to do is type “buildings” in the search bar and voil√†!

Currently, we have over 1,000 images uploaded to the digital collections.  Be sure to check back often, as this number continues to grow daily. You can find the link under our Local History page or on the Archives & Photos page.

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