Insiders Guide to Taste of Soul

Taste of Soul Sunday

It is time for our annual Taste of Soul Event. Plan your day around the events scheduled to celebrate African American culture from 1-4 pm on February 19th at the Main Library. Here is a guide from a 5 year veteran (me) of this program*

When you first come in the door you need to immediately make some choices. Are you going to get a prime seat in the auditorium, get some food or visit one of the lectures? Taste of Soul has a very high level of opportunity cost built in. You are not going to be able to see everything. The performances only happen once, the lectures are repeated twice but then there is the lingering problem of food. You can’t go to a Taste and not get any food right?

If you go the route of getting food first you have your choice of Jamaican Dave’s, Southern Fish Fry, or Chez Olga. You can circle back and try another food vendor but you’ll miss performances and lectures. You could probably hit up one food vendor and make it in time for one of the lectures at 1:30 pm of “Another Kind of World’: Jazz Giants of Michigan” or “Is Marriage for White People?”. Both programs will also be repeated at 3 pm.

If you go food followed by lecture you would of missed the North American Choral Society (remember, opportunity cost) who will have a number of youth singers performing songs by Michigan in the auditorium. Just like ODB, I am for the children, so I would recommend seeing the Choral Society followed by queuing up for food.  Speaking of children, you can go to the Youth Services area on the second floor all day and make some cool masks. You have your choice of a giraffe mask or a zebra mask.

If you followed my advice so far (Choral Society followed by food), around 2 pm you have to make a choice. Are you going to the auditorium to see Edye Evans Hyde or are you going to a lecture? I would probably skip the singing (I’m into 90’s flavored Hip Hop) and go get food for an hour and then go to the lectures mentioned above at 3 pm followed by the next set of lectures titled “Store in the Hood” and “A Great Day in Harlem“. Don’t worry so much about missing Edye Evans Hyde. The auditorium will be packed and since this blog post is just between you and me, no one will know we skipped out on her performance. We can catch her later when she performs at one of the places listed on her web site (bottom right corner of this webpage).

My insiders guide is now going to quickly go down hill. There is so much more to see and it’s now around 3:45 pm. A lecture is coming up but we already missed Serita’s Black Rose & The Disciples of Funk and Carolyn Quinn-Allen. I think you’ll have to make you own judgment and figure out where you want to spend your time during Taste of Soul Sunday. Remember, it’s all about opportunity cost.







*I never have been to a Taste of Soul Event as a patron. I’m always working it so I have no idea of any sort of strategy or method. I hope to see you there!

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