I Wish I Was Going to Comic-Con


Image from Comic-Con.org

Every July the nerds & geeks of the world start making their way to San Diego.  They’re on a pilgrimage to the nerd Mecca known as Comic-Con, which is this Thursday-Sunday. There is no self respecting geek or nerd in the world who doesn’t long to attend San Diego Comic-Con. Comic Con is the largest & most renowned comic convention in the history of ever.  Once a haven for geeks it’s gained more mainstream popularity in recent years due to rising popularity in scifi and fantasy amongst viewers. Comic Con is known for  hosting panels and interviews of popular TV shows & movies such as True Blood, Game of Thrones, Vampire Diaries, Hunger Games, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Avengers, Community, Doctor Who… well you get the picture.  On top of that amazingness is their artist alley where hundreds of comic book artists sell original sketch requests, prints and other merchandise, and show off their portfolios.  Vendors sell their geeky wares and cosplayers reign supreme and there is no such thing as too nerdy.

I long to one day wing my way to the west and indulge in a full weekend of geekery, but have yet to make the journey.  If like me you’re unable to attend Comic-Con this weekend check out what GRPL has to offer to help satiate the nerd in you.


What kind of shenanigans you can expect at Comic Con

Image from geektyrant.com


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