I DO judge a book by its cover…

My method for deciding what to read is  not really a method but more of what catches my eye and looks interesting.

With the library’s annual Taste of Soul Sunday, coming up February 20th these books about African-Americans caught my eye and  I couldn’t put them down:

Extraordinary, ordinary people : a memoir of family” by Condoleezza Rice”– I was intrigued at the extent  her parents sacrificed for their daughter because of the emphasis they placed on the importance of education.  I didn’t realize that Condoleezza Rice grew up during the hostile environment of Birmingham, Alabama.

The other Wes Moore” by Wes Moore Two boys from similar backgrounds who take different paths in life–we all choose paths in life  and

The eyes of Willie McGee” About an African-American man sentenced to death for raping a white woman. This book covers the early career of future Congresswoman Bella Abzug and the early civil rights era.

The Taste of Soul Sunday theme continues with these programs:

Whatever Happened to Idlewild?”, “The African Immigrant’s Experience in the U.S” and “The crossover diet : crossing over to a healthier diet from high fats and high carbohydrates“.

Check out the library’s homepage, GRPL.org for more information.

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