How to make a kid laugh

Well, you could tickle them relentlessly. But then you can’t be sure that the kid is laughing because they are having fun or just because they are being tickled. I say this as someone who survived a lot of tickle attacks as a child.

A better choice might be to check out some of these Seriously Funny Books for Kids. Our staff picked out a range of titles for a variety of kids. Big ones. Little ones. Pre-readers, beginning readers, and chapter book readers will all find something to laugh about on this list. I can tell you that Sheep in a Jeep is a favorite in my household. Funny rhymes combined with charming and detailed illustrations creates entertainment for both parents and kids. You’ll also find a few titles by author Mo Willems on the list. He’s a favorite at our house too.

This month at the library you can enjoy a celebration of everything Mo Willems with our Don’t Let the Pigeon Fall Down Laughing programs. They got underway last week and there are still six to go. Grab your favorite kid and get laughing with us!

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