Holiday Roadtrip? Grab an Audiobook for the Road

The holidays are upon us and that usually means hitting the road for family celebrations.   If you’re anything like me then you’ll be sick of Christmas music within 10 minutes of a road trip having been haunted by Jingle Bells since November.  The solution? Audiobooks.  I’ve made plenty of road trips over the years with family in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (6-7 hour drive) and more in Florida (21 hours). I grew up with parents  obsessed with making ‘good time’, so we had very few breaks from the constant renditions of ‘Santa Baby’ and ‘I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas’. When we started taking audiobooks on our trips it was a huge relief and made for a much more enjoyable trip.  Check out our recommends below or click here for more.

Family Friendly Audiobooks

Teen Audiobooks

Adults Audiobooks

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