Our dogs are already excited about Halloween. Nikki wants to be a princess or a circus performer, and Buster wants to go as an undercover dog  (which would not require a costume).  I guess we won’t go door to door (chocolate being poisonous for dogs and all that), but we’re ready.

Where did Halloween come from anyways?  I’ve always loved looking through “Holiday Symbols and Customs” because it is so extensive.  “...the legend and lore behind the traditions, rituals, foods, games, animals, and other symbols and activities associated with Holidays and Holy Days, Feasts and Fasts, and other celebrations….. (around the world)”.   So much of it evolved out of the Celtic traditions, which included the mysterious Druids.  The festival of Samhain goes back to the days when the coming of winter was a real cause for concern, and one hoped for a bountiful harvest to make it through the cold, short days until the coming of spring again.




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