Swimming to Antarctica: Tales of a Long Distance Swimmer

Swimming to Antractica

By Lynne Cox

English Channel, Cook Strait, Nile River, Strait of Magellan, and Cape of Good Hope are among some of the many hostile waters Lynne Cox has conquered. During her swims she has been escorted by dolphins, braved shark-invested waters and broken her way though ice. In her extraordinary book, Cox writes about her emotional and spiritual need to swim and about the almost mystical relationship she has with the water.

Her reasons for swimming are not just about breaking records, but to set personal goals, pitting her courage against the odds, the lone swimmer in a galaxy of waves. While offering herself to researchers studying the effects of cold on the human body, her political goals are even larger: to bring countries and peoples together, using swimming “to establish bridges between borders.”

About the Author

Lynne Cox is an extraordinary open water endurance swimmer who has conquered some of most challenging bodies of water in the world. When she was 15 she broke both the men’s and women’s records swimming the English Channel. From there she continued to tackle some of the roughest and most treacherous bodies of water in the world.

Lynne is an inspiring motivational speaker on the topics of team building, leadership, goal setting, and sustaining success. Along with Swimming to Antarctica her books include Grayson, which describes her encounter with a baby gray whale and South with the Sun, a biography about explorer Roald Amundsen’s trek to the South Pole. Her articles have appeared in The New Yorker and the Los Angeles Times Magazine, among other publications.

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