Sutton: A Novel


By J.R. Moehringer

Blending research with vivid imagination, Pulitzer Prize-winner J.R. Moehringer brings Willie Sutton, America’s most successful bank robber back to life in this “fictional biography.” Born in the Irish slums of Brooklyn in 1901, Sutton grew up during a time when banks were despised by the public for taking risks that caused millions to lose their jobs and homes. Finding himself trapped in a cycle of unemployment and poverty, Sutton began safecracking, robbing banks and stores in a career that would span four decades and pull in an estimated two million dollars. While Sutton was good at breaking into banks, he was such a master at breaking out of prisons, police called him one of the most dangerous men in New York, and the FBI put him on its first-ever most wanted list.

Moehringer develops the novel in a tense progression of flashbacks, each episode triggered as Sutton escorts a reporter and a photographer on a tour of his old New York City haunts and the places that shaped him. Combining romance, a heist novel, a financial history of the twentieth century, and a loving portrait of New York, readers will enjoy this colorful portrayal of a life in crime that is gripping, sad, and often funny.

About the Author

Journalist J.R. Moehringer has written for newspapers across the United States, including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Rocky Mountain News. His work has won numerous awards, including the 2000 Pulitzer Prize for feature writing. A 1986 graduate of Yale University, Moehringer began his journalism career as a news assistant at The New York Times.

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