Poisoning the Pecks of Grand Rapids: The Scandalous 1916 Murder Plot


By Tobin T. Buhk

Arthur Warren Waite said “I do” and then hatched a plot to poison his in-laws to inherit their fortune. With his boyish good looks, he charmed into marriage the daughter of wealthy Grand Rapids business tycoon John E. Peck in 1916. He then wasted no time executing what he believed to be a flawless scheme to hijack his wife’s inheritance. The plot went awry when a mysterious telegram set off a sequence of events that ultimately exposed his immoral ambition to poison all other Peck heirs.

Eavesdrop on the bizarre crime, the investigation, and the trial. Eyewitness a postmortem in a backroom of Sprattler’s mortuary, follow as Waite engineers numerous attempts to cover up his crime, listen to the women in Waite’s life testify against him and get a rare glimpse of Waite’s last days in Sing Sing’s Death House.

About the Author

Tobin T. Buhk is a freelance author, specializing in true crime. To research his first book, Cause of Death, he volunteered in a county morgue, watching as his co-author, Kent County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Stephen D. Cohle, unraveled puzzling forensic mysteries. A second collaboration with Dr. Cohle resulted in Skeletons in the Closet. Buhk’s love of history and fascination with true crime led to True Crime: Michigan, True Crime in the Civil War, The Shocking Story of Helmuth Schmidt, Michigan’s Strychnine Saint and his most recent book Poisoning the Pecks of Grand Rapids.

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Poisoning the Pecks Author

Author Visit: Tobin Buhk

Monday, August 3, 2015, 7:00 pm
Main Library – 111 Library St NE

Local author Tobin T. Buhk will share stories of murder and mayhem involving a prominent West Michigan family. His latest book Poisoning the Pecks examines the murder plot that Arthur Warren Waite attempted to execute in order to inherit his wife’s family fortune. Buhk will discuss how he researched the family, the crime, the investigation and punishment. A book signing will follow the presentation.

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