You Can't Touch My Hair:

And Other Things I Still Have To Explain

by Phoebe Robinson

About the Book

Being a black woman in America means contending with old prejudices and fresh absurdities every day. Comedian Phoebe Robinson has experienced her fair share over the years: she’s been questioned about her love of U2 and Billy Joel (“isn’t that…white people music?”); she’s been called “uppity” for having an opinion in the workplace; she’s been followed around stores by security guards; and yes, people do ask her whether they can touch her hair all. the. time. Using her trademark wit alongside pop-culture references galore, Robinson explores our cultural climate and skewers our biases with humor and heart.

About the Author

Phoebe Robinson is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actress whom, Essence, and Esquire have named one of the top comedians to watch. She has appeared on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, TBS’s Conan, and Comedy Central’s Broad City.
Robinson’s writing has been featured in The Village Voice, NY Mag, and on,,,, and She was also a staff writer on MTV’s hit talking head show, Girl Code.
Most recently, she created and starred in Refinery29’s web series Woke Bae, and, alongside Jessica Williams, formerly of The Daily Show, she is the creator and costar of the hit WNYC podcast 2 Dope Queens as well as the host of the critically-acclaimed WNYC podcast Sooo Many White Guys. Robinson lives and performs stand-up in Brooklyn, NY.

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