Green Buildings of Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Art Museum

Want to learn more about being GREEN?

Come to a GR Reads program at the Grand Rapids Public Library on Tuesday, June 25, at 7 pm, to learn about the green buildings of Grand Rapids, why they are so popular and what their benefits are.

Did you know that Grand Rapids is a nationally recognized leader in the green building and sustainability movement?  Grand Rapids is ranked in the top 50 cities in the nation for the number of LEED certified buildings.

Most of our hospitals, Spectrum, Metro, St. Mary’s and Van Andel Institute, and our colleges and universities, Aquinas, Davenport, Grand Valley State University and Grand Rapids Community College have green buildings on their campuses.

Some other LEED certified buildings in Grand Rapids include, the David D. Hunting YMCA, the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, the Inner City Christian Federation, the RAPID Central Station, and East Grand Rapids Community Center.  Even some housing buildings are LEED certified – Dwelling Place, Heron Manor, and the City/Flats Hotel.

Many area companies, such as Catalyst Partners, Bazzani Associates, Cascade Engineering, Nichols Paper & Supply, Herman Miller, Steelcase and Haworth, have gone green with their buildings and are into the sustainability movement.

Renae Hesselink, founding member of the West Michigan chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council,  and vice president of sustainability at Nichols Paper will answer questions about why everyone is so into being green and the benefits of being green.  She will also offer tips to help you make your home healthier and more efficient.  To check out the U.S. Green Building Council’s website, click on this link,


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