Garden bounty – “discomfort” food?


I stumbled across an article about CSAs and cooking that said almost word for word what a friend said to me just last Saturday: “Cooking from a CSA forces me to cook outside my comfort zone.”  I don’t have a share in a CSA, but I do have a garden and I do occasionally find myself figuring out ways to use a bumper crop of summer squash (zucchini bread, anyone?) or putting kale in everything from soup to mashed potatoes.


There are loads of CSAs and community gardens, which means lots of ways to get one’s self into a dietary dilemma, embark on an epicurean adventure, or puzzle over what to do with pounds of produce. Fortunately, there is a bounty of information on creating fabulous feasts from the garden.

For those without a share or a garden, there are numerous farmers’ markets as well, so fill up a bag, grab a cookbook, step outside your comfort zone, and have fun this summer!

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