Future Fast Forward

A while back someone posted a blog entry about how some innovative concepts conceived in the 19th century came to fruition in the 21st century. Some of these ideas came from the creative minds of science fiction writers, so the U.S. Government formed SIGMA, a think-tank of science fiction writers who do future consulting with the government.

On Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 7 p.m., in the Ryerson Auditorium Mark P. Champion, local futurist and avid science fiction reader, will discuss his research in future trends with the Grand Rapids Community College Keller Futures Center.

Champion will explain how the technology and innovative concepts conceived in science fiction become future technology. (i.e., Star Trek uses quantum physics and illuminates its applications to black holes, teleportation, and food replication.) Sometimes science fiction books present the seed of an idea that germinates into products and services that we’ll use someday (i.e., space travel and undersea exploration.).

Come to the library and get a glimpse of emerging technology and social changes that will shape the West Michigan region.

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