Fun web comics to follow!

Sometimes Wednesdays can seem like a blah day. It’s not really the Monday “blah” as the first day of a school week….and it’s not really the Friday excitement because the weekend is here! If you need something to do between a few minutes of class, and you’re all caught up on your friend’s latest feeds on social media…than check out these comics! They are updated regularly, and cover a wide range of topics.

Cyanide & Happiness. This was started out by 16 year-old Kris Wilson in 2004. It is now updated by a team of four people in rotations. They do often try to keep to the art style started by Wilson, but at times they do change it up. This comic is known at times to have some black humor!


garfield minus garfield.  This strip’s creator got the okay from Garfield original creator Jim Davis, to erase Garfield out of each frame to show how emo Jon Arbuckle is. Scroll through some of these hilarious strips to see that without Garfield Jon is all alone in the world.

Twokinds. This is an ongoing story about A human, a tiger, a basitin, and a wolf drama. They have relationships, friendship drama, and other types of stories in this imaginary world. The art is fantastic.

A Redtail’s Dream. This comic is steeped in mythology. A hilarious duo partner up to bring back their fellow villagers from beyond the Bird’s Path before their souls pass on to the afterlife.

Other Web Comic Stories:

  • Not A Villian: Follows the tale of a reformed hacker…
  • By the Book:  A group of monsters begin their quest after they find a handbook called “Adventures 3.5”
  • Slightly Damned: This comic is about humans, angels, demons and other fantasy elements.




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