Fun Songs to Sing

At night, after I’ve gotten all the children tucked into their beds, I love listening to their little voices as they sing themselves (and each other) to sleep. When they were babies, I would rock them and sing them to sleep, and now as they grow older we will sing in the car, or as we move about the house in our day to day routine and I love listening to them as they recreate our song sessions. What types of songs do we sing? Well, any song with easy words, silly words, words that you can change to make your own silly song, songs that are just plain stuck in our heads (cue “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen…)

When we run out of new songs, I head to my local library to check out some of their fun song songbooks:

I grew up with the Wee Sing books and movies, so that’s where I usually start…

Image of item   Image of item  Image of item   

…but, the library has lots of ideas! Here are a few other books and CDs to check out!

Image of item  Image of item    Image of item    Image of album by Jim Gill  Singable Songs For The Very Young

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One Response to “Fun Songs to Sing”

  1. December 12, 2014 at 2:00 am #

    My daughter is obsessed with the "fozen" theme song… I guess its better than the previous song she had to play non-stop: "Gangnam Style"…. I think I need to take your approch to singing with the kids. – Great article.