Floppy discs were once as big as your face.


Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors and integrated circuits in computer hardware doubles about every 2 years. This means there is an almost constant exponential increase in processor speed, memory size and other functions in computers and their peripherals. The PC’s, phones and tablets we are using right now will probably be obsolete in a few years, replaced by technology that is twice as fast. A visual history of computers and their use in films and television can be seen at the website Starring The Computer.  If you are curious about what hardware was used to hack NORAD in 1983’s Wargames (the IMSAI 8080) or what was used to read the emails in 1998’s You’ve Got Mail (Apple Powerbook 3400 – which amazingly had a list price of $6,500!) it can be found there. Perhaps in a few years our current smartphones will look as archaic as the Osbourne 1.

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