Five to Share

For those of  you who enjoy a story that unfolds through different points of view:

Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier – a novelization of the life of Mary Anning , a fossil hunter who discovered the first ichthyosaur and plesiosaur skeletons ever found.   Despite her great finds, her gender and social class kept her from participating in the scientific community that studied her specimens.  Told in alternate chapters from her first person point of view and that of  Elizabeth Philpot her friend and protector who tries to guard against the men who take credit for Mary’s finds.  A great read for Women’s History month.

The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenhoff – Callie Clark has a reason for keeping silent.

Unfinished Desires by Gail Godwin – Catholic  school “mean girls” drama circa 1950s.

Secrets of Eden by Chris Bohjalian – Who killed George and Alice Hayward?

The Help by Kathryn  Stockett – Everyone’s reading this one.  See why.

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