Find the Stars, Constellations, and Planets: No Batteries Required


Do you always wonder what constellations you are looking at when you look up at the night sky? Here in Grand Rapids, we may have quite a bit of light pollution, but we can still see some of the brightest stars and planets.

Grand Valley State University’s Professor Douglas Furton will be leading a workshop Thursday, June 27th at 7pm in the auditorium for one of our many GR Reads programs. Learn how to use planispheres to predict the positions of the sun, stars, and planets any time of the day. A planisphere is a celestial slide rule of sorts, a paper-and-pencil tool that sets up a map of the sky past, present, and future.

Planispheres will be provided. That’s right…you get to take one home with you! Bring only your thinking cap and curiosity!


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