embracing Christmas in July

Have you seen the school supplies out? How about the Halloween decorations (saw some cute pumpkin onesies at Meijer presumably for infants yet to be born to wear!)? Or – gasp! – Christmas! I know, right, those stores are insane. Well, perhaps they are. But rather than grumbling I urge you to instead embrace it!

That’s right! Why not think about Christmas earlier rather than later? I myself keep an eye out for potential gifts when I attend all the great summer art and craft shows. And I have definitely started coming up with gift ideas already especially because I have grand craft ambitions.

Yes, I am going to make most of my gifts.

There, I said it. Now it’s public and I am really on the hook to produce.

Last year, my household experienced what my husband affectionately referred to as the “Christmas train wreck” created by my grand ambitions and the actual holiday chugging closer and closer and closer at what seemed to be an alarming speed. I am convinced if I start crafting now, in July, there is hope for a peaceful December.

Here are some titles to inspire your gift crafting:

FamilyFun Homemade Holidays

Crafting Christmas Gift : 25 adorable projects featuring angels, snowmen, reindeer and other Yuletide favourites

Paper + craft: 25 charming gifts, accents, and accessories to make from paper

Home made : 200 creative concoctions and practical potions for crafts, beauty aids, household products, and gifts from your kitchen

Simple sewn gifts: stitch twenty five fast and easy gifts

Merry & bright : 125 festive ideas for celebrating Christmas

70 fabulous things to make with papercrafts

Homemade gifts : easy techniques and great projects

Last-minute fabric gifts

If you have any favorite craft books, please share in the comments! And if you have any funny Christmas craft disasters, I would be very amused to hear about those too!

And if you’re visiting Main, the Christmas books are tucked into a corner near the very beginning of our non-fiction collection. Take the stairs or elevator down to the Lower Level and head to the left. The shelf of red and green will appear, I promise!

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