Ed McMahon (March 6, 1923- June 23, 2009)

As I drove to work this morning a voice came over the radio reporting the death of Ed McMahon.  I felt the need to pay homage to him and considering he was born in Michigan (Detroit specifically) I think the blog entry is appropriate.

I can remember sitting with my family and watching Star Search, wishing I was as talented as  those kids, or hoping Ed would show up at our door with a check from American Family Publishers Sweepstakes.    McMahon may not be known to our younger generations, but anyone born before 1990 should recall his many TV appearances.  He ran the gamut when it came to guest appearances, ranging from on the Tonight Show (when Johnny carson was still running things) to cameos on Family Guy and Scrubs. It would take up pages and pages to relate all of Ed’s TV credits I’m just going to refer to his Autobiography For Laughing Out Loud.

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