Earth Week Inspirational Reading

I recently saw the Ken Burn’s PBS series National Parks. What impressed me about this series was how much the average person had influenced the purchasing and preserving of land for future generations. I feel the same way about Earth Week–I want do as much to preserve the Earth’s future for my daughter and future generations.

Recycling, reusing, reducing, and composting are regular practices in my life.  While grocery shopping, I look for food item packages that can be recycled.  When will the styrofoam egg carton be a thing of the past? My recycling bins are fuller than my garbage bag.  And I am more conscious of reusing items instead of putting in landfills.  I found  Homemade : how to make hundreds of everyday products fast, fresh and more naturally by Reader’s Digest helpful and informative in helping guide me to the 3 r’s of the environment.

Inspiration was provided by a  book for young adults called Heroes of the environment : true stories of people who are helping to protect our planet. Fascinating everyday people who care about our Earth and are doing something about it and for fun reading the  children’s book, The old tree by Ruth Brown about the many animals who live in an old tree and band together to save their home from destruction–love the pop up at the end of the book. Many compliments on my garden last year because of the book,  The compost specialist : the essential guide to creating and using garden compost, and using potting and seed composts.  I decreased my trash output by 1/2!!!!

Check out the all the Library’s upcoming Earth Week events and learn how you can reuse and reuse.

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