Earth Week Event: History of the Rapids

courtesy of Terry Johnson

courtesy of Terry Johnson

The Grand River has been making news lately due to the efforts of several local people and area organizations working towards restoring the original rapids (where else do you think the city’s name came from?).    Before we go forward on projects like this, it’s important to know a little bit about the past.

On Wednesday April 24, Tim Gleisner, head of the Grand Rapids History & Special Collections Department of the Grand Rapids Public Library, will be discussing the history of the rapids in the Grand River. In this talk Tim will discuss what the rapids were originally like when Europeans first arrived. From there he will explore what happened to the rapids. What did they originally look like? Why were they altered in the first place? When were the rapids removed? Where did the rock go that formed the rapids?

Several events will occur later this month during Earth Week.  Join us throughout the week of April 22-29 to experience a number of different events that focus on our local community and our interaction with the environment.

History of the Rapids — Wednesday, April 24 | 7:00 pm | Main Library | Level 4 | Vander Veen Center for the Book



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