Earth Week Clothing and Media Swap

Considering our last week of nearly perfect weather, I think we can safely say that spring has arrived! With our recent bout of warm weather I, like many, have┬ábegun the annual process of packing up all my warm wintery sweaters for the season and pulling out my summery outfiClothing Swapts for the sunshine! But this year, the annual spring-cleaning of my closet will go to a great cause- our Grand Rapids Public Library Earth Week Looks Better on You Clothing and Media Swap! Please bring any and all of your gently used clothing to the Main Library on Saturday, April 14th between 10:00am and 4:00pm, and give your closet a makeover! Swap out a pair of your shoes for a new pair, donate the clothes you’ve outgrown and get yourself some new outfits, or swap out a DVD or book you don’t need anymore for a new one! It’s all in the spirit of being green and reusing and sharing our clothes and possessions, so put your yearly spring-cleaning to good use this year and come visit our Clothing and Media Swap during Earth Week.

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