Earth Week – April 14 Events

On Saturday April 14, 2012 the Grand Rapids Public Library will begin its Earth Week Celebration.   The Library has prepared a series of programs to help you learn how to care for our environment, save money, and have fun.

You may have clothes that no longer fit you or you don’t need.  Come to the clothing swap and find something new to you.  You’ve always wondered about the proper way to compost?  You can learn from an expert.  Maybe you live in an apartment and want a garden.  Learn how to garden using container. Maybe you have some of those pieces of artwork that your child brought home from school.  Find out how to craft a creative envelope to store those important keepsakes in a creative way.  Now you have decided to get some exercise and you dragged your old bicycle out of the garage and you find that the tires are flat, the brakes don’t work like they should, and it makes noises that you don’t remember from the last time you rode it.  One of our Earth Week programs will show you what to do to make it so you can ride it again.  You will also get some pointers on safety and fitness.

You can see the whole schedule here.

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